Who is the Tooth Fairy and where did she come from? Our tooth fairy story helps your children learn to keep their teeth healthy and clean!

The tradition of the Tooth Fairy is a fun milestone for parents to experience and celebrate with their children. We want your children to feel special when they lose a tooth as well as to encourage them to take special care of their teeth from the very beginning, so we have created a tooth fairy story for you to share with your kids for future tooth fairy visits. We hope everyone enjoys!

The Tooth Fairy Story

The Tooth Fairy Story from a Pediatric Dentist

Once upon a time, in a far away land, lived a little girl who dreamed of building a beautiful castle in the clouds where she could play with her toys and eat ice cream all day! One day, while skipping through the forest near her cottage, she stumbled upon a wishing well. She sat down next to the well and began to toss pebbles into the well as she recited her dream of her castle in the sky. One of the pebbles she picked up was actually the missing tooth of a gnome. As she dropped the tooth into the well she said, “I wish I could build a castle high up in the clouds to be my magical dreamland!” Suddenly, huge purple and pink clouds began to rise out of the wishing well swirling around her and she was transformed into this:


What had just happened?! What is going on she thought! With her new clothes and wand in hand, the little girl was lost in a tizzy. Then suddenly a Master Fairy appeared. She explained to the little girl that she had placed her wish on a magical tooth. This magical tooth wish would grant her the wish of a castle in the clouds, BUT she had to build the castle out of the lost teeth of children around the world and then she could have all the toys and ice cream she desired!

The little girl was so excited about her wish being granted she took off flying to find lost teeth. She wanted only the shiniest teeth for her castle. Teeth that had been brushed really well everyday (especially after eating sugary sweets!). She would reward the children for taking care of their teeth with prizes or money under their pillows at night while they slept. Word quickly got around that the tooth fairy was collecting the best teeth from the children around the world and leaving special prizes for them.

Never satisfied with the size of her castle in the clouds, the Tooth Fairy is still flying around at night to collecting only the shiniest and cleanest teeth for her mansion! What do you think her castle in the sky looks like?

Draw your castle and send bring it to your next visit, help other children understand the Tooth Fairy story!