Like pediatrics in medicine, pediatric dentistry is devoted exclusively to children.

The specialty of pediatric dentistry requires an additional 2–3 years of training beyond dental school in areas such as growth and development, child psychology, pediatric medical conditions, and minor orthodontic treatment.

Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

(Early Childhood Caries)


This condition occurs in infants and young children when sugary liquids (e.g., milk, formula, or juice) are exposed to the teeth for long periods of time. When asleep, saliva flow decreases and allows these sugars to pool around the teeth. The bacteria in the mouth use these sugars to produce acids which damage the teeth. This is how a “hole” forms on the tooth.

Thumb Sucking


Most thumb or digit sucking is not harmful and most children outgrow it by age 5. This oral habit becomes a problem if it continues during the eruption of the permanent teeth.
The jaw is soft and pliable in children under age 8. Thumb or digit sucking can reshape the jaw and cause a  dental crossbite where the jaws do not align properly. The upper teeth will usually be forced to flare out and the lower teeth will be forced inwards. 

Tooth Development


Primary teeth, your child’s first set of teeth, are important because they assist in your child’s chewing ability and speech development. They also serve as natural space savers in the jaw for the positioning of permanent teeth. Keeping these teeth healthy will reduce the need for future orthodontia (“braces”).

Dental Emergency


Unfortunately, accidents involving the mouth happen, and knowing how to handle them can affect the
outcome for the tooth. For all dental emergencies, it is important to visit your dentist as soon as possible. Please call our office and provide as much detail as you can about your condition and we can arrange a time for your child to be seen.

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